Colourful Slaw

Here is the promised recipe for the Slaw. Its quite different in that it doesn’t have a thick creamy dressing. List of ingredients is long but it only takes 15 mins to make. Colourful Slaw 1/4 green cabbage 1/4 red cabbage 1 large fresh beetroot 1 large carrot 4 tablespoons parsley 4 tablespoons coriander leaves … More Colourful Slaw

Naked Cakes

These seem to to be on trend now and my how lovely they are especially for a summer wedding or birthday. I am going to a wedding in February and as our gift am making the wedding cake. Thought I would trial some flavours today, my boys are delighted 😊 So I made a coconut … More Naked Cakes

Christmas Pasta

I have neglected my blog for some time now, not sure why other than I just got really busy and couldn’t find time to sit and write it. I have also not been cooking so much, it’s been to hot to be standing in the kitchen so I have been spending time outside enjoying the … More Christmas Pasta

Sunday Mornings

Strawberries are back in season 😊 this year they are so sweet and juicy. Went to the farmers market yesterday to buy flowers and strawberries.Yesterday the market was also a car boot sale, that was a nice surprise, but brought lots more people in so by the time we wandered up all the strawberries were … More Sunday Mornings