Sunday Mornings

Strawberries are back in season 😊 this year they are so sweet and juicy. Went to the farmers market yesterday to buy flowers and strawberries.Yesterday the market was also a car boot sale, that was a nice surprise, but brought lots more people in so by the time we wandered up all the strawberries were long gone!

Luckily we dropped in at Punnet Cafe for coffee on our home, they had some strawberries left, happy days 😊 got a large punnet of seconds for jam and a kilo of organic blueberries for weekday smoothies.

Its been a beautiful weekend here in Cambridge, feels like we are finally heading into summer, time for jam and chutney making. Lately I have read alot about sugar free jam ideas ,Strawberry and Chia seed jam is one I really wanted to make. We gave been trying to go sugar free, with many blips in the road. Today was my first attempt,at what I feel will be many, of sugar free jam. It is amazing more like a thick compote than a sticky jam but oh so flavoursome. The strawberries are not lost in sickly sweet sugar rather their flavour shines.<b
used a recipe I found online that didn’t mash the fruit but stewed it for about 5minutes to soften, you can then mash it or leave chunky, we like chunky. The addition of lemon juice was nice and I used honey but you could use brown rice syrup.

Also made butter this morning for the first time. It’s so easy and so tasty! When we first moved to Cambridge a dear friend brought me a butter churner as a housewarming gift, it has been in my cupboard never used all this time!!

Turned out to quite an industrious morning all before 10am 😊

Toast with freshly made butter and jam was the breakfast menu today.

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