Dukkah and lemon garlic roast chicken

One of the best things about Christmas for me is thinking up yummy new things to give to my friends in a Christmas basket. This past year we had moved to a new town and I had started a new job so my Christmas baking was a little sparse, preserved lemons and some chocolate bark . So what a  wonderful surprise to arrive home after a New Year’s Eve bbq, we didn’t make it til midnight, to find a scrumptious basket full of middle eastern flavours on our doorstep.

Long gone are the beautiful ,almost picturesque, jewelled pistachio and  rose petal wrapped nougat and the brightly coloured Turkish delight, well we have only a few left in the jar. Standing proud in the basket was a lovely big jar of dukkah, wonderful with good sourdough bread dipped in olive oil,then plunged into the pungent spice and nut mix as part of a pre dinner nibbles platter.


Tonight I decided to encrust a chicken in dukkah, it was wonderful. I don’t know exactly what my clever friend put into her fragrant dukkah, I can however tell you it was a perfect mix with lemon and garlic.No exact recipie here just stuff chicken cavity with cut lemon sort of squeezing juice as you go  and then add some chopped garlic . Lossen skin around breast  and pop chopped garlic under skin smoothing all along the breast. Pop some olive oil on your hands and massage into chicken all over. Then sprinkle with dukkah making sure it forms a good crust all over the chicken. Roast according to size of your chicken and rest covered in foil for at least 5 minutes. Serve with vegetables of your choice, we had roast sweet orange sweet potato,potato,broccoli and cauliflower.


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